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I want to know more about your services?

Teqmasters.com offers you full time and dedicated employees who works exclusively for you and it is as good as in-house employee. Teqmasters works as a team and helps clients with mixed skills and a client can also build their own chosen team.

What does your service provide?

Our service provides you the following:
-Helps you to hire your own dedicated teqmasters employee/ team.
-Provides you fully-funtional staff works full-time with no difference just like in-shore office.
-Provides you necessary infrastructure, software and hardware to your employee for  efficient functioning.

How do I get started with your services?

Our services starts when you provide a detailed job description which includes qualification, years of experience, shift timings, skill set etc for the position you want to fill in our company.

Our HR team will filter the suitable candidates by referring their resumes and submits to you. You can make a personal interview to the shortlisted candidates and at last you can hire the person who is best apt to your work.

My requirements are unique and I want to handpick the right talent for my company. Can I do that?

Yes, you can choose the required and well experienced talent from Teqmasters.com for your company and they can serve you the best. You can shortlist, interview and finally pick the most suitable candidate.

Since the employee is dedicated, do I need to worry about payroll and taxes?

No, Teqmasters.com takes care about all Financial and non-work related issues which relates to employee in teqmasters.

How does a Dedicated Employee work?

A dedicated employee works exclusively for only one client at a time which looks as an employee is working in-shore and a client can interact at any time with the dedicated employees as if they are hired locally.

Which skills/domains can you provide?

Teqmasters.com employee shows dedication and best working skills to reach the clients expectation.

Can you provide highly skilled and technical employees?

Yes, Teqmasters.com provides you employee from India as you would find in U.S and they are capable of working efficiently and are expertised in programming, marketing, etc.

Will the employee be hired by you or by us?

Your employee will be legally hired by us but works exclusively for you and finally brings the best results to the company.

Can I hire part-time employees for my company?

Yes, you can hire part-time employees.

I want to hire an employee. What next?

If you want to hire an employee in Teqmasters.com then first you have to submit the details about job description which includes qualification, age limit, shift timings, etc. Your given information will be useful for our HR department to shortlist the potential candidates for your vacant job position. After shortlisting the candidates by Teqmasters.com, their resumes will be submitted to you and then you can interview and hire the suitable candidate for your company.

Can I hire more than one employee at a time?

Yes, you can hire any number of employees for your required job vacancy and your selected employees team will interact with you at any time.

When an employee starts working for me?

After you have selected an employee for your company they immediately starts working in-shore for you.

I want to hire a big team further, does Teqmasters have such infrastructure?

Yes, we at Teqmasters.com effectively manages to have the sufficient infrastructure for any number(irrespective of size) of employees. A client can easily communicate with the team (of any size) together and gets interacted to the team with ease.

Can I get any sample work from the candidates?

Yes, we can provide you the sample work from the candidates you have selected.

How do I know my employee is working for me solely for my company?

You can contact them during your work hours and talk with them by video/skype call and get day to day updates as you would be with a locally hired employee. You can also judge the output and finally focus to the best results.

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